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Pelaiah16 was born on March 27, 1987 in Norfolk, Virginia. He has always been a fan of the music, mainly inspired by Chris Brown and Missy Elliott. Since the age of 10 he has been consistently dibbing and dabbing in different fields of the industry some including dance. The thing that held up his progression was his fear of actually being himself after battling gender dysphoria and going for it. Coming from an urban community, being different, and somewhat nerdy is hard to deal with growing up. In 2019 he became a lead A&R and an Executive for S.D.Y.P The Movement,LLC. S.D.Y.P The Movement and SIIX management accepted him with open arms challenging him to be the best version of himself. Regardless of what he likes or how he chooses to live, as long as his heart is in the right place. He will be releasing his first single "Money Hungry" produced by CashMoneyAP and mixed by Zeek & Swoosh of The VIP$ Studios featuring ThankTaylor. Pelaiah16 is ecstatic about his first business which is a label and distribution company also called “We Top Tier Music Group”, while working on his EP titled "Dropped Yesterday". Pelaiah16 is also currently attending college pursuing a degree in Political Science which he will use to establish himself in Entertainment Law. It’s no secret that he is clearly destined for greatness. -- Stay up to date and follow us on all channels : Official Website : Twitter : FaceBook : Instagram : Soundcloud

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