WholeSale Distribution Account Rates

Whole Sales Rates are only for those that are on our Label Plan .

And these rates are one time fees allowing you to build your distribution empire

Rates are :

1 Account for $30

2 Accounts for $50

5 Accounts for $100

10 Accounts for $150

30 Accounts for $250

100 Accounts for $500

Be Advised each account is for unlimited releases for unlimited artists and unlimited labels .

Also we help you with assigning them to your clients . and you can charge them whatever .

You just would have to Request Each Account individually through the request account form on our Label Tools section .

But to start purchasing accounts wholesale & requesting these accounts

please go to app.sdypthemovement.com/labeltools

If you don't have a Label Plan already it will ask you to select a plan

So to select a plan please scroll down and click Label Plan

or you can cash app us at $SDYP ( Put for Label Plan in the description )

Any questions or concerns please Text us at 786-567-8803

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