Request Distribution Account

Request Account is a new tool for our official distributor & Label clients . We understand that clients may want to set up their clients with their own distribution accounts

It has been added to our Label Tools

To get started please go to

Then click on Request Account fill out form & To expedite process

please text us at 786-567-8803

Please note that you still have to pay for accounts when requesting accounts or yo can pay ahead of time . But under the Label Plan you will have wholesale rates and you won't have to pay any annual or addition fees .

Whole Sale Rates for distribution accounts are :

1 for $30

2 for $50

5 for $100

10 for $150

30 for $250

100 for $100

Please understand all of these accounts will be for unlimtied releases and you can sell them for how much you want and when you request the account you will then be able have us forward you the account info or forward your new client the account info .

If you don't have access you will see all of the plans pop up and you will have to scroll down to the Label Plan & pay by card or paypal . If you prefer to pay by cashapp please text us at 786-567-8803

It's a one time set up fee & you have access to everything that's included in our Label Tools ( I.E: CONTRACT REQUEST , ACCOUNT REQUESTS , WHOLESALE RATES FOR SERVICES & ACCOUNTS , FORM YOUR OWN LLC ,FORM YOUR DBA , GET A EIN , AND MUCH MORE)

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