Request Contract

Request Contract is a new tool for our official distributor & Label clients . We understand that clients may need assistance in signing their new Artists or Labels .

It has been added to our Label Tools

To get started please go to

Then click on Request Contract fill out form & To expedite process

please text us at 786-567-8803

If you don't have access you will see all of the plans pop up and you will have to scroll down to the Label Plan & pay by card or paypal . If you prefer to pay by cashapp please text us at 786-567-8803

It's a one time set up fee & you have access to everything that's included in our Label Tools ( I.E: CONTRACT REQUEST , ACCOUNT REQUESTS , WHOLESALE RATES FOR SERVICES & ACCOUNTS , FORM YOUR OWN LLC ,FORM YOUR DBA , GET A EIN , AND MCUH MORE )

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