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Updated: Dec 29, 2019

It is very important to have your music with all societies in and outside of the US . To do so you of course need to make sure you are registered with a PRO (I.E: BMI, Ascap,Sesac , Socan,etc ). But then you will still a need a music publishing administrator to make sure you're collecting all of your publishing ( Mechanical, Performance , and Sync royalties .

That's where we come in ; without a music publishing administrator you will have to spend thousands of dollars to register with each society needed .

But with us you just have to create a free BMI account or sign up with the Society in your perspective Country .

Then subscribe to our 5 Year Publishing Deal

For only $154.25

If you are a Label or Publisher with Multiple Artists please Contact Us for us to send you an invoice . In which the price is a bit higher for Labels & Publishers.

But Our Publishing Deal Includes :

Register Unlimited Songs Worldwide

Sync Licensing Opportunities

Keep 100% of your copyrights

Perfomance Royalty Collection ( TV , Radio , Ringtone, etc )

Mechanical Royalty Collection ( Streaming & Recording Sales)

Synchronization Royalty Collection

Copyright Registration for unlimited releases & Material

Soundcloud & Youtube Monetization for Unlimited Releases

Facebook/Instagram Monetization for Unlimited Releases

Register with BDS , Soundscan , and mediabase

Registered with Soundexchange

To get started go to

Scroll down and pick a music publishing plan .

Once you've paid for plan you should be able to access your music publishing tools .

And to begin registering songs just click add new composition . If you're on the dashboard please click Register Music .

Any questions or concerns please text us 786-567-8803

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