Promote Release

Promote Release is a tool that has been recently added to our Free Promotion Tools .

Allowing you to promote releases to our network on twitter and all social media accounts .

To Get started follow the following steps :

1. Go to

2.Click on Promote Release

3. Fill out everything on your artist page and press submit

4. Now you're all done

Please text us at Text Support 786-567-8803 or email us at .

To let us know you've submitted a release to be promoted to our network on social media .

And also send a photo or Artwork if you want it posted on advertisement.

Now if you're not a distribution Client Already you would have to subscribe to a distribution plan by paying $10 per month or $30 per year or $100 for 5 years of unlimited distribution

Also be advised another way to receive exposure is to use the hashtage #SDYP on your posts and tag the company on instagram or twitter @sdypthemovement

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