Feature Release

Feature Release is a tool that has been recently added to our Free Promotion Tools .

Allowing your to create a webpage that tells your fans and also our network about yourself while showcasing links to your apple music , spotify , and main social media accounts ( Facebook , Instagram , & Twitter . This tool is for our distribution clients only .

But to get started you must follow these steps

1. Go to https://www.app.sdypthemovement.com/freepromotiontools

2.Click on Feature Release

3. Fill out everything & Press Submit

4. Now you should be all

So you now your release should be under the news & release section on www.sdypthemovement.com ; if you can't find it please Text us at Text Support 786-567-8803 or email us at info@sdypthemovement.com . Also if you've already submitted this info to our team . Just follow up with our team and see the status of your page .

Now if you're not a distribution Client Already you would have to subscribe to a distribution plan by paying $10 per month or $30 per year or $100 for 5 years of unlimited distribution

You Can sign up here : https://www.app.sdypthemovement.com/plans-pricing

Also be advised another way to receive exposure is to use the hashtag #SDYP on your posts and tag the company on instagram or twitter @sdypthemovement


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