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If you’re selling your music with S.D.Y.P The Movement and you’ve chosen to have your material delivered to Amazon MP3, you can now set up your own artist store through Amazon’s Artist Central site. It’s a simple process, and it allows you to not only “claim” your music (as an artist or representative), but also to upload pictures, videos, and bio information.

Claim your artist profile in three easy steps.

1. Go to If you already have a customer account with Amazon, use that to log in. If you don’t, create one.

2. After the normal acceptance of the terms of use, you’ll be walked through some quick-and-easy steps to claiming your music.

Note: If your band or artist name doesn’t come up in the initial search, don’t fret. It will most likely show up when the site asks you to select releases to claim.

3. Amazon can verify who you are through your Myspace account, if you have one. If you don’t, they provide other simple ways for you to prove that you are the rightful owner of the music, and that you are authorized to maintain the storefront.

Once you’re verified, you can upload pictures, banners, provide a bio, and add other elements that will make your storefront look a lot sharper than a standard Amazon page. Yeah, it’s yet another page to create and curate, and you’re probably already feeling like you’re maintaining a presence in a bunch of different spaces, but Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace, so it’s not going to hurt to be well-represented there.

If your music isn't Yet On Amazon Please Sign up for A Distribution Plan

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